We Have The Responsibility to Live by a Set of Ethics

Growers are a dime a dozen, but, with that said, agricultural scientists and specialists put us ahead of our competitors. It’s how you do business that matters at the end of the day. Kintsugi Group PTY aspires to deliver the highest quality A-Class products and world-class services according to best practice, within the parameters of the law, with a strong focus on environmental impact and minimising our carbon footprint where ever possible. Kintsugi Group PTY strives to supply organic cannabis flower at every given opportunity.

We do not support any part of the black market industry and strive to be better.
We hire only highly skilled individuals and build teams of leaders in their fields.
Kintsugi Group pledges to donate to various grassroots charity organisations.
Through regulation, we place a strong focus on mitigating black market trade.
Quality control in all aspects of the industry is a cornerstone of our mission.
Kintsugi and our divisions do not adopt black hat ethics or practices.
Association and privacy according to South African law & legislation.
We promote traceability and transparency in all our operations.
Head Industries under Kintsugi Group is a licensed club.
All our flower and club real estate is 100% organic.
Kintsugi Group is a self-regulatory organisation.
Additional environmental benefits from Biochar.
Our farms produce a negative carbon footprint.
We are in line with regulations and legislation.
Kintsugi Group is dedicated to job creation.